How it all began...

Dusty and I met just after his mission in 2003. We both had our seperate little plans for our lives and then it happened-we started living our own fairy tale. Our courtship seemed to be just that for me; it was something I had always dreamed about and it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. And then ten months later, it got even better as we became three. Rhiannon has been such a joy to us and each day she brings us even more laughter. It was only another two short years and our little buddy Cy came along. A few short years after that our baby Brittain became a part of our family. There never has been, and I am sure never will be, anything in life that brings me more joy than my children and my husband. I truly feel that I am living a fairy tale (well...most days!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's A Girl

We found out yesterday that we are having a healthy (to date) baby girl in June! Yay... the ultrasound signifies the half-way mark! We are all very pumped about the news, well all but Cy. When the doc announced "Yes, that's definitely a girl!" Cy asked, "So--- it's not a boy?" He is still asking us today if there might be a boy in my belly. Poor kid. We are in the process of trying to convince him that a sister will be cool too. Anyway, the only disappointment is the fact that we had a boy name picked out but we are at a loss for girl names... oh well, there is still time to decide.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunsations: Med Spa, Tanning, Day Spa

Just a quick update on my job situation for those that were wondering... I am now managing Susations Med Spa, Day Spa, and Tanning and I LOVE IT! We haven't acutally opened for business yet, but I am certain I will love it even more when we do. All of the turmoil and stress of leaving my previous place of employment was more than worth it to have this perfect set up! Dusty has been helping me so much get things going, I could not have done most of it without his help and expertise. Anyway, I feel like I am back in "my element" so-to-speak and I couldn't be happier. I truly have a conviction that everything happens for a reason and this is but one more testimony of that in my life!

More about project 365

So I guess there has been a request for more information on this endeavor I have undertaken. I saw the idea on a friend's blog; the website is She has tons of fun stuff to look at there. She has come up with the idea of project 365 and with that idea she has put together an entire kit you can purchase to get you started. There is basically a two page spread per week of the entire year. The kit includes these plastic protector sheets to keep note cards with journaling in alongside the pictures from the week. I am doing mine digitally on a blog to keep up and then my plan is to print pictures and journal about monthly using my blog as a reference. I am totally excited about it and I can't wait to have my complete project at the year's end. Let me know if you decide to jump on board as well!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Too cute not to blog!

So here it is... my attempt at Project 365. Click on the link to the right to follow!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So I finally got a new camera after ours was lost, AGAIN, on Halloween. AND, to add to my excitement, I have been inspired by the Becky Higgins Project 365 from Victoria's website.
So, tomorrow I begin...look for it!