How it all began...

Dusty and I met just after his mission in 2003. We both had our seperate little plans for our lives and then it happened-we started living our own fairy tale. Our courtship seemed to be just that for me; it was something I had always dreamed about and it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. And then ten months later, it got even better as we became three. Rhiannon has been such a joy to us and each day she brings us even more laughter. It was only another two short years and our little buddy Cy came along. A few short years after that our baby Brittain became a part of our family. There never has been, and I am sure never will be, anything in life that brings me more joy than my children and my husband. I truly feel that I am living a fairy tale (well...most days!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Since people are asking, I thought I would share "the story" of Brittain's arrival...
Most of you know that I have been dilated to a good 5 since I was about 36 weeks. When I found that out at my 36 week appointment I started getting my hopes up that my 9 month journey was nearly ending; I should have known better! It is not consistent with my pregnancy history for me to really see much happen too early. Anyway, I began preparing for her arrival at home and at work. I had a to do list 3 miles long that I chipped away at little by little each day. In addition to the list, I also had Rhiannon and Cy that helped keep my mind off of being pregnant; well sort of... Cy would remind me on a daily basis that Baby Brittain should come soon because she was making my belly HUGE! I just had to smile each time he told me that even though deep down I wanted to cry becuase I knew how right he was! I was gigantic!!! Anyway, after one trip to labor and delivery in Pocatello with contractions 3 minutes apart, just to be told to go home, and progression in dilation and softening of my cervix at each of my respective weekly appointments, we persevered the final 2 weeks as they seemed longer than even the entire previous 8 months. We were all anxious to meet Brittain.
So then on Saturday am before Dusty left for his labor and delivery clinical in Idaho Falls (imagine that huh) he told me that with school and his schedules today would be an ideal day as far as timing is concerned for me to have the baby. That is when I decided I was going to walk until she came! I got the kids ready and called Nat and we started walking. We walked to a park, while the kids rode their bikes, and just kept walking. We walked through the rain and the thunder and we kept walking even though we saw nasty gray skies that looked like they might even evolve funnel clouds. Needless to say, I am here to tell you, walking will do the trick. Dusty called me around 3 on his way home from Idaho Falls and we discussed my progress and he insisted that I get checked. I grabbed the bags, Nat called in to work, and as soon as Dusty got home we turned right back around for Idaho Falls. The contractions stayed steady at 3 minutes the whole ride there.
We got there, she checked me and said that we would for sure be having a baby soon. Dusty got out of speaking in church...ha ha. I think that is why he was so anxious to have her. J/K! The best part for us was the that Dusty was able to deliver her. He had bumped in to Dr. Leavitt during the course of his rotation and they had decided that he would coach him through it. He did amazingly well and it was one of those moments in life that could never be replaced.
Anyway...she is here and healthy and we are feeling truly blessed. Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, and phone calls!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Count Your Many Blessings...

Blessing #1- Healthy baby girl born June 14th. 7lbs 14 oz.
You feel like you have always been a part of us Brittain Avery!
Blessing #2- A big sister that just can't get enough of this bundle of joy. Rhiannon has been such a tremendous amount of help as we are making this transition. She told the nurse at the hospital that she is "in love" with her new baby sister.

Blessing #3- A big brother that is also transitioning well to his new baby Brittain.

We are home from the hospital now after our terribly long two night stay and things are going fantastically well. Three kids is definitely an adjustment, but we are working through it minute by minute. I have tons more pictures on my phone that I need to figure out how to download and then maybe if I can catch a quick second between all of this new family stuff I will blog some more of the details. I just couldn't wait to let every one know Brittain Avery has arrived and is at home being loved more than you can imagine!